Pioneering the Revolution in Converting Tourist Boats from Fossil Fuels to Electric Power

Green Motor Technology Group: Pioneering the Revolution in Converting Tourist Boats from Fossil Fuels to Electric Power, Crafting Zero-Emission Waterway Travel


Today, when environmental protection and sustainable development have become a global consensus, the fuel transformation of the cruise industry to electric drive has become an irresistible trend. This article will take Green Motor Technology Group, a leading company dedicated to the research and development of new energy technology, as an example, to discuss how it can use its advanced technology and rich experience to start a green revolution in the field of fuel to electric in cruise ships.

Introduction of Green Motor Technology Group

Established since 1995, Green Motor Technology Group leads the way in sustainable mobility, offering cutting-edge electric vehicle motors, drive systems & comprehensive EV conversion solutions through their hallmark CMVTE product line. A dedicated team of experts provides custom-tailored, high-performance, and environmentally-conscious options for a greener future.

In the dynamic realm of the new energy industry, Green Motor Technology Group stands as a testament to resilience and innovation, continually pushing boundaries and fostering positive environmental impact since its inception in 1995. Anchored in green energy principles, the group has emerged as a reputable supplier of essential components, complete electric vehicle (EV) drive systems, and holistic one-stop solutions catering to diverse clientele worldwide.

Why Choose Green Motor Technology (GMT) 

  1. Cost Efficiency Meets Enhanced Performance GMT delivers more bang for your buck with motors and drive systems that guarantee less cost over the lifetime of the vehicle, coupled with increased mileage. This means you can expect lower operating costs and improved overall efficiency without compromising on performance.
  2. Unmatched Engine Durability and Warranty GMT’s engines are built to last, boasting a remarkable lifespan of ten years, underpinned by a generous two-year warranty. This longevity and assurance underscore GMT’s confidence in the durability and quality of their products, offering peace of mind to customers looking for long-term value.
  3. Comprehensive One-Stop EV Drive System Solutions As a leading global provider of one-stop EV drive system solutions, GMT streamlines the entire process from concept to completion. They cater to diverse industries and markets worldwide, integrating cutting-edge technology and know-how accumulated over 27 years in motor manufacturing and 12 years in EV conversion supply.
  4. Decades of Expertise in Assembly and Conversion GMT’s 15 years of experience in Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) assembly is a testament to their proficiency in creating safe, reliable, and environment-friendly vehicles. This depth of experience allows GMT to address the unique challenges and complexities of EV conversions with precision and professionalism.
  5. Extensive Global Reach and Customer Satisfaction Having served over 800 satisfied clients across more than 130 countries, GMT’s reach is both vast and deep. The fact that 300+ customers have visited their facilities attests to their transparency and willingness to build close relationships. Moreover, their decade-long standing as a trusted member on Alibaba International highlights their commitment to international trade standards and practices.

Challenges faced by fuel cruise ships and electrification solutions


High initial investment costs: The batteries, electric motors and charging infrastructure required for electric cruise ships tend to be more expensive to purchase and install than traditional gas-powered engines. Solution: Government subsidies, long-term operating cost savings calculations, green financial support, and cost reductions from technological innovation can help alleviate this problem.

Range and charging convenience: Electric cruise ships may have limited range, and water charging infrastructure is not yet as widespread as land-based charging stations. Solution: Develop energy-efficient energy storage systems, establish charging networks that adapt to the characteristics of waterway traffic, such as dock charging stations, and promote battery swapping modes or fast charging technology.

Battery weight and space occupation: Electric ships need to carry a large number of batteries to meet the sailing distance requirements, which will increase the weight of the hull and reduce the passenger/cargo space. Solution: Use lightweight materials and technologies, such as high-energy-density battery technology, as well as optimize the hull structure design and rationally distribute battery layout.

Reliability and maintenance: Compared with mature fuel systems, the reliability and maintenance system of electric systems still need to be further improved. Solution: Strengthen technical research and development of electric systems, improve component durability, formulate complete maintenance standards and procedures, and establish a professional technical service network.

Environmental regulations and policy support: The development of the electric cruise industry is highly dependent on environmental regulations and incentive policies at the national and regional levels. Solution: Actively promote the introduction of relevant policies, advocate green travel, and provide policy support such as tax incentives and procurement priority for the electric cruise ship industry.

Solutions overview:

Technology R&D and innovation: Through continuous research and development and introduction of advanced electric propulsion technology and battery technology, we will improve the performance and economy of electric cruise ships.

Policy guidance and support: Encourage and support electric cruise ship projects, and establish special funds and subsidy policies to reduce the costs of electrification transformation and new construction.

Infrastructure construction: Accelerate the construction and layout of water charging facilities to ensure that electric cruise ships can receive convenient and efficient energy supply.

Standardization and normalization: Establish and improve relevant standard systems for the design, manufacturing, inspection, operation and maintenance of electric cruise ships to ensure product quality and safety.

Industry chain collaboration: Integrate upstream and downstream industry chain resources to form a complete ecological chain including battery manufacturing, motor research and development, hull design and construction, and after-sales services.

Product ranges of Green Motor Technology (GMT)

More products information please contact CMVTE sales.

Electric cruise ship conversion examples and effect display

On June 15, 2019,GMT signed a deal to supply fully-integrated propulsion systems to

RS Sailing. The new supply contract covers a bespoke mounting arrangement and integration

of  Spirit 1.0 electric motor into a flush-fitting retractable electric drive system

onboard the first 60 boats in RS Sailing’s fleet of exciting new RS21 keel boat day racers.

The H-100 is a 100 kW electric inboard motor, engineered for larger sailing boats and motor

vessels between 60 and 100’ (18-30m) with a full displacement up to 200 tons, that delivers

high performance with less noise, fewer vibrations and zero exhaust fumes.

Product Innovation

We constantly listen and talk to our customers, to fully understand their needs and to use their knowledge and feedback to help drive the continual innovation of our products. We are proud to say the end result is significantly better user experience than combustion engines or most comparable products.

Quality Excellence

We collect and analyze quality-related historical and real-time data of our products and machinery in our manufacturing plant. We then utilize that data to build quality profiles and models. We have also built a QA laboratory which has 25 different testing capabilities that can simulate all extreme working and transportation conditions.

Competitive Pricing

GMT is helping to rapidly accelerate the transition to electric propulsion systems in boating and sailing communities. To help this transition, we supply products at competitive prices to help customers make the switch from combustion engines.

Fast Customer Service

Our wide and well-established network of dealers across 60+ countries and areas ensures that our customer support is fast and responsive. We are always there for you when you need it – making ownership of our products easy and hassle-free.


In the profound change of cruise ships switching from fuel to electric, Green Technology Group is not only changing the power source of a ship, but also implementing the concept of green development with practical actions and contributing to building a beautiful and harmonious water world.

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