The necessity and advantages of using low-voltage (below 144V) EV

As the global concern about environmental pollution continues to increase, more and more people are turning to environmentally friendly ways of traveling. In this regard, low-voltage (below 144V) trams have become a topic of great concern. This article will discuss the necessity of using low-voltage trams and the advantages they have.

First of all, the use of low-voltage trams is very necessary. At present, there are growing global concerns about climate change and air pollution. Automobiles are one of the industries that emit the most greenhouse gases and air pollutants, especially traditional fuel vehicles. In order to reduce the environmental and health impacts of this problem, reducing tailpipe emissions has become a top priority. As a zero-emission means of transportation, low-voltage trams can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollution, and can protect the environment and improve people’s quality of life.

Secondly, low-voltage trams have many advantages. The first is low energy consumption. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, low-voltage electric vehicles consume less energy during driving. The battery system used can efficiently convert electrical energy into power, and has a regenerative braking energy recuperation function, which greatly improves the efficiency of energy use. In addition, low-voltage trams have relatively low maintenance costs, and because their component strength is lower than that of high-voltage trams, they do not require special repair and maintenance, reducing the cost of use.

Low-voltage trams also have a high level of safety. Due to the lower voltage it employs, the risk of electric shock is reduced. In addition, the battery system of a low-voltage tram is safer than that of a conventional high-voltage tram due to the voltage.

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