CMVTE (Convert My Vehicle to Electric) is your premier provider of top-tier electric vehicle parts, leading-edge components, all-inclusive conversion kits, and comprehensive charging solutions tailored for electric vehicle conversions. Established under the banner of Green Motor Technology Group in 1995, our company has been pioneering the production of a diverse range of motors to power your journey into the future. Today, we are equipped with a complete suite of products to transform your internal combustion engine vehicle into an eco-friendly, zero-emission electric powerhouse. We deliver turnkey EV drive system solutions to a global clientele, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to electric mobility.

At CMVTE, we pride ourselves on a team that embodies a rich tapestry of expertise, unwavering commitment, and heartfelt sincerity. We stand ready to assist households, institutions, and organizations alike, propelling your vehicle conversion with electric precision. Join the CMVTE family as we pave the way to a greener, cleaner world, we are devoted to realize electrified vehicles for every household.

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