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96v electric Air conditioning compressor

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an electric A/C compressor is a crucial component for the air conditioning system. It operates using electricity from the car’s battery to compress and circulate refrigerant, allowing the air conditioning to function without relying on the traditional engine-driven compressor found in internal combustion engine vehicles. This leads to increased energy efficiency and reduced emissions. These compressors are specially designed to meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles, considering their power consumption and overall performance.

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Technical Parameters

Product Name 全封闭卧式涡旋压缩机

Hermetic horizontal scroll compressor

冷媒 refrigerant R134a
排气容积 displacement 25cm3/rev
转速范围 speed range 1800~3500rpm

Working pressure

吸气压力(A) Suction  pressure 0.2~0.45Mpa
排气压力(A) Discharge pressure ≤2.2Mpa

High Pressure Test

高压侧 High pressure side 15 Mpa
低压侧 Low pressure side 15 Mpa
温度 temperature 环境温度  temperature ≤85℃
排气温度 discharge temperature ≤110℃
油保持量 lubricating oil rate 系统冷媒量的

8%-10% of refrigerant

蒸发温度范围 evaporator normal temperature -10~12.5℃
冷凝温度范围 condenser normal temperature 26.7~68℃
制冷剂泄漏量 refrigerant leakage rate <14g per year
冷冻油 / 油量 refrigeration oil POE润滑油   POE oil  RL68H/110±5ml(出厂注油量)
外观 Shell 铸铝表面喷砂,防腐 aluminumalloy
总质量 total weight 6kgs including lubricating oil
安装方式 install method 通过弹性减震元件安装在空调底板上

with rubber support padded on board

安装方式 install method 通过弹性减震元件安装在空调底板上

with rubber support padded on board

安装尺寸 install size 161.5(L)X98(W)X155mm(H)
吸气管接口内径 suction pipe inner size Ф18.3mm
排气管接口内径 exhaust pipe inner size Ф15.5mm




电机类型 motor style 永磁无刷直流电机 permanent-magnet brushless DC electromotor
极数 polarity 8

stator winding connecting

三相Y形 three-phase Y shape


额定电压rated voltage 108VDC(可根据客户要求调整电压)
工作电压范围 normal voltage 83V–150V(可根据客户要求调整电压)
额定输入功率 rated input power 850W
额定转速 rated speed 2200–3100rpm
性能 character 耐电压 withstand voltage 通2000VAC,1分钟后无异常(其它电压按额定电压的两倍加1000VAC做测试)

no abnormal when powered with2000VAC for one minutes

绝缘特性 insulating property 通500VAC,绝缘电阻>50MΩ(20℃时)

When powered with 500VAC, insulation resistance>50MΩ(Ambience temperature 20℃)


2.1.驱动器特性 DRIVER


motor drived by

方波驱动方式 180 degree sine wave

magnetic pole position inspection method

无位置传感器 no position transducer
输入特性 Input power 额定输入电压 rated voltage 108VDC
输入电压范围 input voltage range 83V~150V     恢复延时  5 “S”
过压恢复值 overvoltage recovery value 145V          恢复延时  5 “S”
欠压恢复值 under voltage recovery value 85V           恢复延时  5 “S”
最大输入电流 max. incoming current
最大输入功率 max. applied power 1500W
冷却方式 cooling method 吸气冷却 Suction gas cooling
防护等级 protective classic IP67
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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96v electric Air conditioning compressor

Original price was: $400.00.Current price is: $350.00.