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Low voltage air conditioning kit 96V

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This kit is designed to regulate the temperature inside the car’s cabin, ensuring the comfort of the occupants

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When the refrigeration system works, the compressor is sucked into the gaseous refrigerant from the low-pressure circuit of the evaporator tank and compressed into high temperature and high -pressure gas. It is cooled in a condenser through a high-pressure tube. After refrigerants are cooled liquid, under the action of elegant fashion to the capillary, into the evaporator, after through the expansion valve throttling depressurization in evaporator, the refrigerant constantly absorbing hand evaporator core heat of the surrounding air into gas, from the compressor suction recycle, and the cooling air coming into the car, to realize refrigeration.


Air Condition Installation

Electric car air conditioning is mainly made up of electric compressor, compressor controller, condenser, electronic fan, evaporating box, high and low-pressure pipeline, connecting wire harness support. This electric car air conditioning system design simple installation is convenient. Attention to installation: please follow the following operation to know the installation. Cooling and heating switch installation requirements

  1. Generally,the original car has can borrow the AC cooling switch and PTC heating switch as far as possible in the original car switch controller, the middle with the windshield switch, we provide such beautiful and try to reduce unnecessary workload! We provide AC, PTC switch as far as possible, such as using our company belt switch! When installing, try to choose the beautiful and convenient place to install the hole! Install firmly!


  1. The installation of the evaporation tank evaporation box fixed tightly by the requirement, such as installing 404 evaporation tank cars, before and after the evaporation tank to the water pipe side tilt, about parallel adjust Angle so fan don’t leak, grading, fixed a fingernail around each fan below also need to be fixed bracket, bracket fan take the iron effect, also pray a adjust fixed Angle house leakage, as shown in the figure below, if not 404 fan is not required.


  1. The installation of the compressor and the controller compressor on the leg is equipped with flexible rubber anti-vibration feet, can effectively reduce the compressor running on high frequency vibration of the body may not be removed during installation. The compressor is equipped with a base mounting plate, and the mounting plate is fixed on the vehicle first, and then in the fixed compressor. Controller for common waterproof, installation area as far as possible choose in driving indoor or no direct contact with the body place of the rain, when its installed outlet down as far as possible, cashing pipe height should be lower than the controller, prevent damage to the controller from the set of line pipe infiltration.
  2. The installation of the condenser assembly condenser fixed behind the front bumper car body, a cooling fan is suction type, with advanced surface condenser, fans after the fixed, can the wind cooling in the car again.
  3. Pipeline installation of piping connection of money can be on the joint of the O-rings daub a few frozen-oil, catty watermelon lubrication, prevent O-rings deformation or damage. Must pay attention to the interface of the pipeline and the internal clean dust, dust impurities easy to plug the expansion valve to cause the air conditioning failure to work properly. Tighten the nut with a wrench before tightening the nut with both hands. Screw the socket with a wrench. Screw the screw with a wrench to prevent the thread from screwing the thread.It should be noted that when the pipeline is removed, it should be sealed in time after the pipe interface is removed, so as to minimize the exposure time in the air and avoid the hidden trouble caused by the wet air entering the system.
  4. Wiring connection to the vehicle must be power off, connect the 12V voltage when the anode power enough to determine the voltage and current, the positive may not pick up the main power supply, otherwise it will burn out insurance, the insurance will be bad, not bad compressor controller relay to fixed position in waterproof, line to be neat, with cable tie is good, to prevent wear and avoid high temperature place fixed. Connect the butt joint to prevent virtual connection. Note carefully the main power supply is negative short circuit on fire (see wiring diagram)
  5. An overview of the several parts of the electric air conditioning compressor, condenser, evaporator, in the case of enough manpower, can be synchronized (cars limited to space may be a little difficult), after installation of this a few productsfixed position is the connecting line, follow shop line, ok, you can process of pumping air into vacuum state, add refrigerant. (the addition of the refrigerant requires professional knowledge, and it is recommended to seek professionals.)

Installation Note

  1. The drying schedule of 0.005 ~ 0.015MPa is sealed inside the compressor, and it needs to be decompressed before opening. After the suction and exhaust is opened, it should be installed in the system in 10 minutes. Otherwise, it should be refilled with suction and exhaust nozzle to prevent the prolonged exposure to air.
  2. Compressor can’t reverse
  3. Compressor under vacuum or down state electricity to start the compressor is prohibited. Otherwise it would be dangerous.
  4. The compressor has been injected with 120-150mL frozen oil. Do not need to add again, when the system refrigeration fluid leakage or the system overhaul should check the compressor oil quantity, the control compressor is short of oil and damage the compressor. Frozen oil must use the R168 ice bear brand. The amount should not exceed the standard.
  5. After the system installation is completed, vacuum the vacuum for 20-30 minutes, and the high and low pressure will be pumped together to ensure the vacuum time! Vacuum is not enough, the system will exist in the air, resulting in poor cooling effect, at the same time use the fake 134 – a refrigerant in high temperature and high-pressure compressor, system will decompose the combustible gas and air mixture, causing harm! Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the vacuum time and vacuum degree and the use of the products produced by the regular factory, recommend the golden cold, ZHEJIANG JINHUA or the three American brands. (Note that using fake or inferior cold coal may cause the air-conditioning system to malfunction. In addition, the cold media should pay attention to the use of the cold media to transfer the air in the connecting pipe between the surface valve and the cooler to open the meter valve, and the compressor cannot open the high-pressure valve when the compressor is started.
  6. In addition, the refrigerant must use the original R134A model, and the air conditioner of the electric vehicle is 500 to 600g.
  7. The normal working pressure of the system is 0.12-0.16MPa, and the low pressure is 0.02-0.03MPa. 8. Installation and commissioning can only be carried out by professional trained personnel.

The compressor and compressor controller wiring harness definition

  1. The three-wire black plug on the controller, red line①, green line②, yellow line③(Plug model: male head DJ7031-1.5-11, female head DJ7031-1.5-21). Red line①connect to the main positive, green line② and the yellow line③ for the compressor start off line, two line closed compressor starts, disconnect the compressor work, comrade concatenated line between pressure switch with thermal protection switch a line under the compressor don’t work any one broken compressor. The two lines are controlled by relay control.
  2. The black line of two lines of gray plug on the controller is installed on the main power supply wiring plug-in (Plug model: DJ70253-6.3-10, female head DJ70253-6.3-20). The black line⑤is connected to the negative pole of the power supply, and the red line⑥is connected to the positive pole of the power supply (the positive and negative terminals must not be reversed, otherwise the controller will be damaged).
  3. The three-wire red connector on the controller is connected with blue line⑦, yellow line⑧, and green line⑨is installed on the compressor main power plug-in (Plug model: male head DJ70319Y-6.3-11, female head DJ70319Y-6.3-21). Blue line⑦, yellow line⑧and the green line⑨ pet-name ruby with the blue lines1, yellow line2, green line3 on the compressor in color, not by color docking compressor may be reversed, long time reversal compressor damage (note: reversal compressor exhaust, as long as compressor any two wire can switch to change the compressor). The compressor does not work without voltage output.

4 controllers, black two-wire plug attending the black thread ⑪ installed on the evaporator temperature control

Troubleshooting for Troubleshooting

1, found that the compressor does not start, first check the controller silly girl black line ⑤, the red line⑥, the red line① whether there is enough voltage, no check the main power supply voltage and insurance, there are voltage check the pressure switch and compressor under the condition of thermal protection switch line is connected and attending good temperature control is plugged in, if cannot solve the fault of sub controller line plug-in directly from the green line② and the yellow line ③, paragraph after compressor Yi starting more can do for you, concatenated in the middle of the two line pressure switch or compressor thermal protection line not connected, and whether the control relay, line, plug-in failure; Can also measure the compressor relay on two blue line under normal 5 v voltage measurement is to be closed before air conditioning determine relay without work, also can remove the relay to measure directly, such as no voltage check the pavilion connected with compressor heat protection whether get through if you have not voltage controller failure or controller input voltage is not enough, check if there is any voltage controller all connectors on the abdication, whether there is generally a problem case check controller connectors are connected and compressor thermal protection line are delicious hall is open, especially the controller to the compressor power and thermal protection plugin.

  1. If the compressor working air conditioner is not refrigerated, the street of the ginger pressure gauge is connected to the high and low-pressure pipe of the refrigeration system, and the pressure value of the compressor is measured. No air conditioning blowingout, the cause of this failure are as follows:


  • No refrigerant in the refrigeration system, cooling system serious congestion. Note: when the compressor works, if some part of the refrigeration system is seriously blocked, there is no circulation of refrigerant, then the cooling effect is lost. This is, pressure gauge is used to inspect the refrigeration system of high and low voltage side pressure value can be found that high and low side pressure value is lower than normal, and mortgage measured pressure value into vacuum state, and blocked parts have obvious difference in temperature, before and after the fault general performance within the capillary or expansion valve. If not clear, explain the blockage, need to replace.
  • Low pressure, high pressure and low pressure, the compressor may reverse any inversion of 3 lines and 2 of them can be solved.
  • There is no pressure difference or pressure difference between the compressor and the compressor.
  • The capacity is insufficient, the result is bad, the reason is as follows:
  1. lack of refrigerant
  2. too much refrigerant
  3. condenser cooling effect is poor
  4. expansion valve open spend big
  5. refrigeration system with air
  6. dirty plugging refrigeration system


Note: In the maintenance of the air conditioning failure, do not rush to dismantle the parts, should conduct thorough testing and scientific analysis, accurately identify the cause of the fault, effectively run out of trouble.

Maintenance of use

  1. Check the pipeline system often leaks, wear and tear, check the strong presence of loose, fall off, found abnormal phenomenon should be ruled out in case of cannot be ruled out the fault in time, please go to the professional maintenance station.
  2. The condenser tablets should be kept clean and clean, and the mud should be cleaned in a timely manner. The silt attached to the condenser should be cleaned in a timely manner. Wash who is not too big, easy to blunt the fin to affect the heat dissipation.
  3. When using air conditioner, turn off the compressor a few minutes before each stop, so that the air conditioning system can blow the natural wind, so that the cooling water of the evaporator can be blown dry, so as not to corrode the evaporating box.
  4. When the user is using, do not turn on the refrigeration and heating switch. The current power is large and the power consumption is serious.
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 35 cm


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Low voltage air conditioning kit 96V

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