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High Voltage (265V~450V) Electric Air Conditioning Compressor

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an electric A/C compressor is a crucial component for the air conditioning system. It operates using electricity from the car’s battery to compress and circulate refrigerant, allowing the air conditioning to function without relying on the traditional engine-driven compressor found in internal combustion engine vehicles. This leads to increased energy efficiency and reduced emissions. These compressors are specially designed to meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles, considering their power consumption and overall performance.

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COMPRESS METHOD Fully enclosed horizontal vortex compressor
Displacement 25c c
Speed range 1500~3500rpm
working pressure Inhale pressure 0.2~0.45Mpa
Normal exhaust pressure 1.2~1.8Mpa
Extreme exhaust pressure 1.8~2.0M pa
Abnormal exhaust pressure ≥2.0M pa
Pressure resistance test high-pressure side 10 Mpa
low-pressure side 6 Mpa
temperature ambient temperature ≤85℃
delivery temperature ≤110℃
Oil retention 8% -10% of the system refrigerant capacity
Evaporation temperature range -10~12.5℃
Condensation temperature range 26.7~68℃
Refrigerant leakage <14g / year
Frozen oil / oil amount POE lubricating oil RL 68 H / 115 ± 5ml (factory oil injection volume)
surface Cast aluminum surface sandblasting, corrosion prevention
gross mass 5.8kg
way to install Fit on the air conditioning shock base plate through the elastic damping element
installation size 161.5(L)X98(W)X155mm (H)
Inner diameter of the suction pipe interface Ф18.3mm
Inner diameter of the exhaust pipe interface  Ф15.5mm

Note: Under the extreme working pressure and abnormal working pressure, it will increase the failure rate of the compressor and shorten the service life of the compressor.


Motor type Permanent magnet brushless DC motor (BLDC)
number of pole-pairs 4
The stator winding method Three-phase Y-shaped
essential parameter rated voltage 320VDC
Operating voltage range 265V~450V
Rated input power 900W
rated speed 3000rpm
performance parameter withstand voltage <10mA @ AC1800V,1S
Insulation characteristics Pass 500VAC, insulation resistance> 50 MΩ (at 25℃)


Motor control mode Square wave control
Pole position detection method No position sensor
Bus capacitor 20uF
Pre-charging road not have
Wave surge circuit Yes (in the case of no precharging road, the starting capacitor charging current of the cooler can be limited to within 500A)
Bus discharge resistance 300K
Auxiliary power supply mode Low voltage power
Low power use power range 10.5V-27V
Low-voltage rated voltage 12V/24V
 Compressor high and low voltage power power sequence First low voltage, then high voltage; high voltage first, then low voltage.
communicating protocol CAN
traffic rate 250Kbps
input characteristics Rated input voltage 320VDC
input voltage range 265V~450V
Rated input current 320V@3.1A
Maximum input current 6A
Maximum input power 2000W
protection feature overvoltage crowbar 450V
undervoltage protection 265V
overcurrent protection The equal power linear protection (2KW) within the operating voltage range is equivalent to the exhaust pressure of 2.5MPa
Overtemperature protection 85℃
cooling-down method Inhaled refrigerant for cooling
levels of protection  IP67

Note: 1. The compressor controller is equipped with fault protection, and restart after 10 seconds.

  1. After five consecutive failures, the driver believes that the air conditioning system is abnormal and needs to be powered on and down again.
  2. Fault includes overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature and overcurrent (overcurrent fault is not included in the five faults).
  • refrigeration performance
speed 2200 2600 2800 3200
refrigerating capacity 1800 2400 2800 3200
interiorinput power 700 830 960 1240
EER 2.5 2.8 2.8 2.6


Note: The speed error is ± 5%, the measured cooling capacity is not less than 93% of the value in the table, and the measured power should not be more than 110% of the value in the table.


  • noise
Speed Speed (rpm) 2000 3000 3500
noise (dB) ≤62 ≤65 ≤70


Note: The noise sensor is installed at 15 cm directly above the compressor.


test condition:

operating mode evaporating temperature condensing temperature suction temperature ambient temperature
0.67℃ 55.24℃ 10.67℃ 35℃


System pressure protection switch 2.5MPa closed, 2.45MPa recovery (for reference)
0.18MPa closed, 0.23MPa recovery (for reference)
Water component of the system refrigerant 75 PPM (max.)
dustiness 30mg (max.)
 Maximum drive voltage The main power supply voltage shall not be higher than 450VDC, otherwise the controller internal components.
Suction and exhaust pressure connection The torque of the compressor suction and exhaust port of pressure bolt is 11 ± 1 N.M。
 Compressor installation Angle The compressor body should not be tilted (the angle between the compressor main axis and the horizon should not be greater than 5°).
else  The electric compressor shall be avoided in the air outlet of the condenser to ensure adequate cooling of the controller.
 The compressor needs the refrigerant cooling motor and the controller, the suction pipe should be added insulation pipe.
 In order to avoid the insulation drop caused by excessive moisture in the system, the compressor suction and vent should be installed into the closed system immediately (within 5 minutes) after opening.
 The compressor shall be installed with vibration reduction footpad to achieve vibration reduction and noise reduction purposes.
·  The heat dissipation capacity of the condenser should meet the system requirements, and the installation position should have enough heat dissipation space.

·  There is energy storage filter capacitor inside the compressor controller. When high voltage is charged, precharging shall be adopted; otherwise, charged pulse current will cause impact damage to the relay and insurance.

·  Compressor branches recommend separate fuses and are not suitable for combination and use with parts related to vehicle safety (e. g., the same set of relays and insurance).

·  It is recommended to start the condenser fan 6 seconds before the compressor starts to reduce the pipe pressure; After the compressor stops, the condenser fan delays off for 6-10 seconds.

· Under the extreme working pressure and abnormal working pressure, it will increase the failure rate of the compressor and shorten the service life of the compressor.


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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High Voltage (265V~450V) Electric Air Conditioning Compressor

Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $400.00.